DJ Julia Marie

To say I love to dance would be an understatement. I was born with an obsession to music and a passion for rhythm, and dance was often my only release. In 1997, dance lead me to my first vinyl record purchase. There was no rhyme or reason for my choice in records, from Hip-Hop to Techno, Jazz to Drum & Bass if I connected to it and made my body move, I bought it. The real love affair began soon after my roommate who was a local dj moved his turntables in. At first I bought vinyl for musics sake until I developed the skill for mixing. Soon after, I inherited my first pair of turn tables and found my place in house music, acid jazz and trip hop. During this time, I became increasingly interested in lady dh’s or really, the lack there of. My more talented counter parts seemed to be few and far between. In retaliation, some of my closet friends and I birthed a group of lady djs, producers and music lovers called That Girls Got Rhythm.

After creating TGGR, I started spinning for and promoting private parties, fashion shows events, dj contests, internet radio shows and a few local house clubs in the Tampa Bay Area including The Lobby Bar, Green Olive Ybor, Amphitheater, Mangroves and Hyde Park Cafe. During that time, I was offered a residency at The Lobby Bar in St. Petersburg, Florida and soon after, Red Star in Ybor CIty. Over the 4 years as resident, we hosted Tampas best dj’s and some of the nations hottest producers. Since then I’ve traveled the nation with my dj partner Courtney K & TGGRs own Aoka rocking dance floors from New York to Dallas.

In 1999, I was also privileged enough to create my first album with the collaboration of “Haunted Echo.” As the Beat Circles we produced the self titled album with great accolade and response from our music community.

In 2011, That Girls Got Rhythm headquarters moved to Brooklyn so keep an eye for us around town.

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